Investigating Christianity

Want to investigate Christianity?  We love to welcome those who would not call themselves Christians but are wanting to explore the Christian faith. Throughout the Bible God calls people to seek Him and promises that if we seek Him with all our hearts then we will find Him. God longs for people to return to Him and live in relationship with Him as we were created to do. We believe that you can seek God by looking at what He says about Himself in the Bible and so we provide opportunities for people to do this in a variety of ways. We also recognise that people have a variety of questions about God and life and we want to give you the opportunity to ask those.

Other people will prefer to look at Christianity in a one-to-one setting with a Christian. We can offer you the opportunity to do this through meeting up with someone in the church using a variety of material such as Christianity Explored or a series of short Bible studies called Uncover. If you are interested in doing this please also contact us.