Grace Church Kidlington was launched on 1 October 2017.

Who are we? Our name gives it away.

At the heart of the Christian message is God’s grace. It means that He is generous and loving. Human beings tend to ignore God but He responds by giving us a gift – His own Son coming to earth to die in our place. When you receive that sort of undeserved love from the God who made us, it really is life changing. We believe that is a different image of God from that which many people have. We want to give people in Kidlington the opportunity to explore whether that is true.

We are a church. Just after Jesus’ life, Christians started to gather together regularly. They listened to teaching from those who would ultimately write much of the Bible. They praised God and they prayed to Him. They formed a community where they supported each other. They were open to new people joining them who were looking into Christianity. That’s what we will be doing – listening to God in the Bible, responding to Him in prayer and praise, forming a welcoming community together especially as we meet midweek, and being open to those who want to look into Christianity.

We are based in Kidlington. The group launching the church are mainly from Woodstock Road Baptist Church that meets in Summertown in Oxford. For many years, people have been travelling from Kidlington to Summertown. However, we want people to be part of a church at the heart of the village in which they live. We want to pray for and be interested in Kidlington. Although the launch group is from Woodstock Road, we are keen to welcome others who are travelling out of Kidlington to go to church and who have a heart for their village.

We would love you to join us. Feel free to come along any Sunday or contact Andy Robinson if you would like more details.

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Upcoming sermons:

Stories Jesus Told – studies in Luke
1st Hearing the Word, Luke 8:1-15, Tim Fisher
8th What must I do? Luke 10:25-37, Andy Robinson
15th Watch out! Luke 12:13-21, Steve Titterton
22nd The Kingdom of God, Luke 13:18-21, Tom Finerty
29th The greatest meal ever, Luke 14:15-24, Andy Robinson
5th Non-religious people welcome! Luke 15:1-10, Andy Robinson
12th Lost and found, Luke 15:11-32, James Wilkinson
19th How to use money, Luke 16:1-15, Andy Robinson
26th Heaven and hell, Luke 16:19-31, Iain Gray
2nd Not Giving Up, Luke 18:1-18, Andy Robinson

The Basis of Everything – studies in Genesis
9th Why does the universe exist? Gen 1:1-25, Phil Butcher
16th What does mean to be human? Gen 1:26 – 2:3, Phil Butcher
23rd What does God want from us? Gen 2:4-17, James Wilkinson
30th What is God’s plan for relationships, Gen 2:18-25, Andy Robinson