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Covid-19 update:

Sunday meetings

  • From Sunday 22nd March there will be a broadcast on our GCK YouTube channel from 4pm. There will be songs to sing at home with piano accompaniment, prayers and a sermon. We will stick with our programme of sermons in the series advertised. As a church family we will all be engaging with worship, prayer and God’s word at the same time.

Investigating Christianity

  • Now is a really good time to think seriously about Christianity if you haven’t before. The Christianity Explored series of short videos takes us through Mark’s gospel, which is one of four biographies of Jesus in the Bible. It starts by describing itself as the Gospel (which means ‘good news’) about Jesus Christ, and explores the claims he makes and what those mean about his identity. If you would like to go through these with someone, do get in touch with us, or invite someone you know to watch, read and discuss with you. Grab a pen and paper, and watch the first one here – have your finger over the pause button to note anything important that strikes you, or any questions that it raises.


  • We’ll aim to have evening homegroups via video link using Google Suite, on your phone or computer. Your homegroup leader will be in touch about this soon. There will be a short (15 minutes) talk to listen to individually, and then we’ll discuss it with each other and pray via video link together. Links to the website and talk will be sent out each week by your homegroup leader.
  • We’ll postpone whole church prayer and partners’ meetings for now.

Other ideas

  • Rather than going out for coffee together, catch up and pray with your friends over the phone or video call. Some of us are going to find the social isolation very hard.
  • Serve those in need. If you are able to, please shop for those more vulnerable and those self-isolating. Reach out to your vulnerable neighbours.
  • Above all, pray! God is in control. This situation reminds us that we humans are not omnipotent and in control. You might find Andy’s blog particularly helpful. Pray for opportunities for the Gospel to be spread. Many people have a deep fear of dying, and we’re going to address that Real Life Issue on Sunday April 5th. Why not email invitations to friends to tune in that day?
  • With extra time at home, why not commit to pray for longer than you’d normally have time for? Why not read that good Christian book or Bible study you’re normally too busy to read? How about ringing someone after the Sunday livestream and discussing what God said to you in the message? There are other good resources and sermons you can read and listen to, such as at or

God can grow our love for him in the midst of this crisis!

Who are we?

Our name gives it away.

At the heart of the Christian message is God’s GRACE. It means that He is generous and loving. Human beings tend to ignore God but He responds by giving us a gift – His own Son coming to earth to die in our place. When you receive that sort of undeserved love from the God who made us, it really is life changing. We believe that is a different image of God from that which many people have. We want to give people in Kidlington the opportunity to explore whether that is true.

We are a CHURCH. Just after Jesus’ life, Christians started to gather together regularly. They listened to teaching from those who would ultimately write much of the Bible. They praised God and they prayed to Him. They formed a community where they supported each other. They were open to new people joining them who were looking into Christianity. That’s what we are doing – listening to God in the Bible, responding to Him in prayer and praise, being a warm and welcoming community together as we meet Sundays and midweek, and being open to those who want to look into Christianity.

We are based in KIDLINGTON. We pray for and are interested in Kidlington. We want to share the Good News of Jesus with our village.

We would love you to join us. Feel free to come along any Sunday or contact us if you would like more details.

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Grace Church Kidlington was launched on 1 October 2017 and is a recognised church plant with the FIEC.

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