We meet at 4pm every Sunday Gosford Hill School. Below you can find the current plan for Sunday services.

Current Series: Song of Songs: Jesus lover of my soul

5th September: Song of Songs 1:1-2:7 “Desire”

12th September: Song of Songs 2:8-3:5 “Waiting and searching for love”

19th September: One off special 2 Corinthians 1:30-12:7: Jez Fernandez (Wantage Baptist Church)

26th September: Baptism service “Repent and be baptised!” Acts 2:22-41

3rd October: Song of Songs 3:6-5:1 “The Wedding”

10th October: Guest Service: “Back to normal: Is this true Freedom?”

17th October: Song of Songs 5:2-6:3 “Love lost and regained”

24th October: Song of Songs 6:4-8:4 “Love that lasts the years”

Series Coming Up: John: Jesus, the great “I am”

31st October: John 8:31-59 “Before Abraham – I am!”

7th November: Song of Songs 8:5-14 “Love stronger than death”

14th November: John 9 “I am the light of the world”

21st November: John 10:1-21 “I am the good shepherd”

28th November: John 10:22-42 “I and the Father are one”

5th December: John 11 “I am the resurrection and the life”